Minimize the Chest

Halter neck bikinis offer the most support for large breasts, as they hold you in and support you. Bikinis with underwiring or wide panels under the bust are great, too.
To distract attention from your top, try mix and match bikinis, with a darker top and a lighter bottom. Enhance your figure by adding interest to your bottom half: belts, patterns and wide bikini briefs will all draw the eye downwards. Buy separates rather than sets to ensure the best fit. On top? Wide straps are not only supportive; they’ll minimize your shoulders too.
When looking for a swimsuit to flatter a large bust, be familiar with the amount of bra support you need. Many women with large breasts make the mistake of choosing a swimsuit with no support. Swimsuit manufacturers now produce a variety of swimsuits with hidden underwires in both bikini and maillot styles. A hidden underwire helps to lift and support the bust. Try a swimsuit with a bandeau-style top or wide-set straps to minimize the bust, but be sure to choose a pretty, young color to avoid looking too matronly.
The new best friend of most women in swimsuit fashion design is the bra-style bikini top and the hidden underwire in one-piece swimsuits. The key to flattering and supporting a large bust is to look for a swimsuit or bikini top that provides the same support as your favorite bra. Generally, you will want to look for a suit with wide set straps and a flat neckline that will minimize the bust while supporting it. Also, do not be afraid to look for a suit in the pretty, pastel colors that are in style this year, so long as the top provides an appropriate amount of support.

  • If you have a LARGE chest…
    Look for formed cups and thick adjustable straps.
  • An alternative to halter nack is the racerback style: it distributes weight across your back instead of just your neck.
  • Try tops that have a band of elastic below the cups, to add extra support without an underwire.
  • Look for full-coverage tops with details like rings or natural embellishments, they will make your outfit look chic.
  • Full-cup halters with a wide-band under the bust holds you in.
  • Racerbacks and high necklines support and minimize.
  • Underwires provide maximum lift and support.
  • Printed bottoms distract from your top half.
  • A tankini with built-in support is sporty and cute.
  • A solid top with printed bottoms is your best bet for a 2-piece suit.
  • Choose a fabric with lots of stretch to support your top part.


  • Avoid slimpy bikinis with no support.
  • Avoid shapeless one-piece halters with a too-low plunging neckline.
  • Avoid horizontal stripes, they really do make you look larger.
  • Avoid strapless styles and anything stringy on top.