Do’s and Don’ts


  • Wear a pair of high heels when you shop for swimwear—they flatter legs and inspire better posture!
  • Bet on classic black for a slimming effect.
  • Brazilian bottom cut will make your bottom look smaller than a full cut.
  • Go bathingsuit shopping during winter months when you’re pale and possibly a little overweight: you’ll look better when the summer months catch up with you!
  • Chlorine, salt water, perspiration and putting your suit in the dryer all ruin the elastic. Always rinse your suit in fresh water after wearing.
  • Take a trusted friend with you when you make the purchase. She’ll help you pick out what’s really best for you.
  • Try something new! Maybe that yellow maillot with black polka dots that you’d never consider has the perfect cut and color combination for you. Try new types and colors!
  • Buy your swimsuit a couple of sizes bigger than your clothes size. They fit better, feel more comfortable, and your body looks smaller and more shapely!
  • Try a tan! Use one of the great self-tanners to look thinner and more fit.
  • Wear make-up when you’re trying on swimsuits. Trying suits can be discouraging. Long mirrors & bad light make us aware of our flaws. A little makeup does wonders for the self image. It won’t make the suit fit better, but it’ll make you feel better & give you the stamina till you find the right suit.
  • Not too many of us are blessed with a perfect figure, so go out and be confident , no matter what shape you happen to be sporting. Confidence is always an eye-catcher.
  • Even the heaviest person can wear and be comfortable in a swimsuit. Just throw on a brightly colored sarong or a long scarf (as a wrap skirt) over that suit, head for the sun and have fun! Self-confidence looks best on everyone.
  • Find two-piece suits that are sold separately. Many people wear a smaller size bottom than they do on top, or vice versa. If you’re larger on the bottom, choose a solid color for the bottom and a complimentary – but brighter or patterned – color on top.
  • A flattering bikini will make it onto the beach year after year. It’s worth paying a bit more to get something special!


  • Avoid shimmery colors if you’re a bit heavy
  • If you have white skin and have a hard time tanning, do not wear any dark blue colors! You will look whiter than snow! Try wearing lighter colors, such as bright green, bright teal, beige, or peach.
  • It’s always best to remove your socks when trying on swimwear. It’s bad enough looking at your half-naked reflection under flourescent lighting, but the image of your body in a skimpy bikini with thick, clunky socks on your feet just adds to the misery.
  • Don’t buy slimpy bikinis with no support.
  • Don’t go for horizontal stripes: they really do make you look larger.
  • Don’t choose one-piece with no support even if they’re trendy.
  • Busy prints are tricky—they can chunk you up. Avoid prints if you want to de-focus a portion of your body.